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The human heart is mentioned (132) times in the Glorious Qur’an, besides several other notions under 50th the metaphoric expressions “human chest Fou’ad” or the inner in both the singular and the plural forms. Of these Qur’anic statements, some describe this sentient organ as having the capacity of being a center of reasoning, intentions and decision – making. Consequently, human hearts can either be healthy or diseased.
Healthy (or soft hearts) can have their humane attitude and balanced rational, while diseased (or hard, stony) hearts can loose both their humane touch and their capacity to see and understand. Such Qur’anic emphasis on the role of the human hearts in the mental, emotional and spiritual decisions of man came down more than 14 centuries ago, while physicians have –for centuries – been restricting the function of the human heart to the mere process of pumping the blood throughout the human body.
However, science has recently proven that the human heart is as sentient as the human brain, if not much more, as it has its own form of intelligence. Not only this, but it has been proven experimentally that the human heart does influence the brain’s thinking capacity, and hence its physical capability of accepting, comprehending and storing knowledge.
It has also been proven that the human heart communicates with both the brain and the rest of the human body neurologically (through the nervous system), biophysically (through pulse waves), biochemically (through certain hormones), and electromagnetically (through energetic waves).
The human heart’s electromagnetic field is the most powerful rhythmic field produced by the human body. It envelopes every cell in that body, and extends out in all directions into the space surrounding it, as an important carrier of information.
The recently discovered human heart –brain synchronization (or the so-called Cardiac Coherence) has become an established fact, proving that the human heart’s activity influences that of the brain, and that the heart has its own form of intelligence. Cardiac intelligence can process information about its body as well as its surroundings. This takes place through an “info- energetic code” in the form of a profuse network of blood vessels and cells that serve as energy information gathering and distributing system, recently termed “the heart code” by Paul Pearsall.
For the Noble Qur’an to spell out this fact more than 14 centuries ago is a living testimony to both its divine origin and the correct Prophethood of the noble messenger who had received it. 

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