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Thank you Jannat Al Quran ..
This is what I needed .. one to one at my pace .. teachers are so loving respecting and patient .. You can have lessons at anytime with your teacher .. the sound quality is so clear.. I was worried as we had used other organisations and they used skype. The network was always so weak. And you couldn’t hear the teachers.

My teacher is so good she can clearly hear my pronunciation and guides me on what part of the mouth to use for each letter ..

We all use Jannat Al Quran. 
My husband with a male teacher.
My son and daughter with a teacher who is a children’s school teacher .
And I have an amazing teacher.

As correcting old habits can take time. They never let you feel your failing. 

They always give praise for every effort made ..

We recommend this to all our friends ..

Yasmin Sami


Alhumdulillah I’ve been with JannatalQuran for 3 months now and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my recitation of the Quran.

My assigned teacher has been exceptional in ensuring that I have a good understanding in tajweed rules and in making sure I improve on my weaknesses with every lesson.

She has encouraged and motivated me to stay on target with my memorization, which is an important factor for anyone doing Hifz. I truly believe my ustaadha will be a supportive and inspirational guide through this journey.

I was sceptical at first to do online classes, but Alhumdulillah the communication has been very clear and convenient. Would recommend anyone who is thinking of doing online classes to join JannatalQuran. 



I am very happy with the classes and actually couldn’t have imagined anything better Alhamdulillah.

Maasha’Allah, the teacher is very knowledgable and kind, and puts a lot of attention to improve/correct my recitation precisely and explains how to clearly. She finds different ways to explain until I get it right.

Within just a couple classes, I felt an improvement and also learned more about our relationship with Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and The Quran Alhamdulillah.

The classes have a nice structure, and I find the textbook is easy to follow. I also appreciate that the institute allows the student to reschedule missed classes for up to one month in case you have to take time off for a reason.

I would recommend it to others and don’t think someone would regret trying the classes.



Jannat Al Quran has been a wonderful start for my daughter, she is learning at her own pace and there is no pressure on her. Her teacher is so friendly mashaAllah, she feels comfortable and safe when she is doing a class.

My daughter absolutely loves her tajweed class. I have recommended Jannat Al Quran to so many family and friends, they truly are the best I’ve come across, Alhamdulillah!



Assalamu Alaykum, I have been very impressed how much my teacher has taught me. The way she has adapted the teaching to suit my style has been fantastic.

The patience and knowledge my teacher has Masha’Allah is very impressive and has kept me motivated. 

I was recommended by a friend to register with Jannat Al Quran institute, and I am so pleased I started to take lessons with them. I have been very impressed at how efficient they are, excellent communication they have and how supportive they are.

The quality of their work books are excellent and really help you progress. I would highly recommend their service to others, at all levels. JazakAllahu khairan

Asha Abdi


I am very happy with Jannat Al Quran. The teaching method and the resources available on the website are exceptional.

My children look forward to every lesson with their teacher and are progressing well Alhamdulillah. May Allah reward you for all your hard work!



I have recommended Jannat al Quran to my family and friends and everyone I meet. I have changed so many Quran teachers because my sons were not learning anything.

Alhamdullilah my sons enjoy their class with their teacher. And so far Alhamdullilah they have improved tremendously!

Thank you so much!

My experience learning from Jannat Al Quran so far has been rewarding and worthwhile. The teacher is dedicated and committed, and her teaching is clear and precise. I look forward to my lesson with her every week.

May Allah (SWT) reward everyone who has helped in creating Jannat Al Quran as a learning institute.



I did the summer intensive course with my two sisters and my mother. I completed the recitation of two juzz (looking at the mushaf). I found my teacher to be very humble and patient in repeating my mistakes over to me and telling me where I made the mistake and how to correct it.

My teacher was always punctual and very good at communicating to us if she had any problems. I believe I have made some improvements alhamdullilaah and would recommend jannatalquran.



My girl has a lovely experience learning Quran  at Jannatalquran. Her teacher is very kind and patient to her. She tries to engage her into lesson in every possible way. I like syllabus content also.

Overall it’s an amazing platform for the religious learning of kids



I stopped my Tajweed learning for a short while and I was struggling to find a new Tajweed teacher. A friend suggested I do online learning instead. At first. I wasn’t sure if online learning was for me. I spoke to two people who have had positive experience with online learning, and one of them recommended Jannat Al Quran. 

As I was doing no learning at the time, I decided to register and try it out. Alhamdulillah I have an experienced teacher who is very professional, organised, and flexible.

Since starting my journey with Jannat Al Quran, I feel like I am developing in terms of application of rules such as making gunnah. As I stopped my learning for a short while, I am now doing revision and consolidating my learning by going through the rules that I’ve learnt and repeating the surahs.

Whenever I begin a new surah, my teacher makes me listen to her recitation and repeat after her, which I think is good preparation for my learning. I actually feel really pleased to be able to continue my learning online with a really good teacher – Alhamdulillah.

My children and, I started learning Arabic with Jannat ul Quran a few months ago from London.

We are really impressed with their constant professionalism and efficiency.

The Arabic teachers are extremely helpful, supportive and knowledgeable.

The courses have very good course books suitable for all  levels.

We have really enjoyed learning with Jannat ul Quran and we highly recommend it to others.

Nazima Qureshi


“And we have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remembere?” Even since I started my lessons with Jannat Al Quran, I’ve seen an amazing improvement in my reading and memorization of Qur’an.

This has been one of those things where I’ve been saying for ages that I want go back to memorizing Quran and I want to commit more time…but nothing ever came of it.

I had a friend who used to struggle with her reading who suddenly just sounded amazing and she said it was down to Qur’an lessons, so I decided to sign up.
This is probably one of the best investments I have ever made in my life and I actually look forward to my classes.

Maybe it’s because my teacher is so awesome and her Egyptian banter is one of a kind.

For anyone looking to start or strengthen their relationship with the Quran, I can’t recommend these classes enough. I was sceptical at first given they were online classes, and was it worth the money, but it’s inexpensive and the progress I ‘ve made has been so visible that I now want to push myself to better with my reading /memorisation.
Since they’re online it means wherever you are in the world you can sign up for lessons! So check them out.

Zaynab Hamdi