How it works | Jannat Al Quran Quran and Quranic Arabic Classes

You need

  • A personal computer/laptop
  • An Internet Connection
  • A headset and a microphone

How it works

  • Please fill in a contact form if you need more clarification or a registration form if you know exactly the number of classes you want to do per month.


  • Insha’Allah we will respond within 8 hours and answer all your questions. We will also arrange the day and time of the class with you which will be according to your choice.


  • Our female teachers teach the female students and the male teachers teach male students. Parents can choose whether they want male or female teachers for their children.


  • Classes are done via Skype with the webcam switched on to ensure good communication between the student and the teacher. Please click here to Download Skype.



  • If you are a beginner, we will let you know our levels and how the class is conducted till you finish the whole Quran insha’Allah.


  • If you are not a beginner, we will arrange a free evaluation session for you where you will know which level you will start from and how your learning path will be.


  • We will give you a username and password which you will use to login to the website and find our syllabus designed by certified scholars. We will let you know which syllabus exactly you need to download.


  • We will introduce you to your teacher via email so you can always communicate with him/her later on easily.


  • The teacher will come online at the agreed time and will call you on Skype/Zoom.


  • Your feedback is essential for us. Students will be requested to send feedback on the teacher and class in a feedback form.


  • We will always be ready 24/7 for any question or help.


Please read our terms and conditions.


May Allah SWT make your journey of the Quran or Quranic Arabic full of Barakah and light.