At the end of Ramadan, each one of us should ask himself some questions:

What have I gained from this month?

Have I passed the test?

Am I closer to Allah SWT after Ramadan?

Whoever finds goodness then let him praise Allah SWT and whoever finds something else let him work hard to reform himself and seek the help from Allah.

What is after Ramadan?

Is the Ibada we used to do in Ramadan going to stop?

The answer is no. We need to carry on working to please Allah SWT and follow the Sunnah of our Prophet SAW.

The following are a few things we need to continue doing after Ramadan:


We have learned that fasting softens our souls and breaks our desires.  The Prophet SAW encouraged us to continue fasting six days during the month of Shawwal when he said, “Whoever fasts the month of Ramadan and he follows it with six days of Shawwal as if he fast the whole year”. 

It is also the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW to fast Mondays, Thursdays, three days of each Islamic month, the day of Arafah, Ashourah and most of Sha’ban and Muharram.

Let’s continue fasting and follow the Sunnah of our beloved prophet.


The recitation of the Quran:

We should not stop reciting the Quran after Ramadan, otherwise, we will be among those whom the Prophet SAW described as Allah says, “And the messenger said, ‘O my Lord! Verily my people have deserted this Quran.'”

The Prophet SAW said, “Read the Quran repeatedly, for the reason that it is easier to be released from the chests of men than the camel from its leash”.


Praying at night:

The Prophet SAW used to pray at night not only in Ramadan but also during the whole year. He used to encourage his followers to do so. He said, “Do qiyam-ul-Lail (the night prayer), it used to be the good deeds of the pious people before you. It draws you closer to your Lord, it causes your sins to be forgiven, and it causes you to avoid doing bad deeds”. 

Allah SWT describes his pious servants: “They used to sleep a little at night”  Surah Al-Sajdah.



Allah SWT says, “Those who spend their wealth day and night, secretly and publicly, their reward is with their Lord’.

The prophet SAW was very generous, like wind loaded with rain.


Abandoning the Evil:

Abandoning the evil and committing sins is not only done in Ramadan but should be practiced during the whole year. It is the deed of the people of true faith.

On the day of Eid, we should all remember the hadith of the Prophet SAW  “It’s not allowed for a Muslim to avoid his brother over three nights. They both meet, but this turns away and that turns away, and the best of them is the one who initiates Salam”. Forgive people so Allah SWT may forgive your sins.

We ask Allah on those blessed days to forgive our sins, accept our worship and write our name amongst the people of Jannah.


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