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How do we get the love of Allah in our hearts and lives?


Love of Allah brings Allah’s pleasure, happiness to our lives, and keeps us from indulging in temptation. We need to focus on factors that increase our love for Allah in our hearts. Ibn Al-Qayyim had indicated 10 such ways to bring about the love of Allah and they are mentioned below:


  • Recitation of Quran with reflection and understanding of its meanings and what is intended by it. This also enables us to know Allah using His own words.


  • Optional acts of worship, after the obligatory ones, can get us closer to Him and furthers the love of Allah beyond what is achieved through the sincere worship through obligatory acts.


  • Constant remembrance in every circumstance by the tongue, the heart, actions and (one’s) condition (based only on sanctioned forms of remembrance as described in the Quran and Hadith), so that a person’s share of love is in accordance with his share of this remembrance.


  • Preferring Allah’s love over your own when desires overcome you and climbing to reach His love, even if the ascent is difficult.


  • The heart’s comprehension of His Names and Attributes, witnessing them and having knowledge of them, to immerse himself in the garden of this knowledge and its fundamental pillars. Whoever knows Allah by His Names, Attributes and Actions, will, no doubt, love Him.


  • Witnessing His generosity, His benevolence, His favors and blessings, both hidden and open, for these things call to His love.


  • The heart’s total defeat and humility in front of Allah, the Most High.


  • Being alone at the Time of the Descent of Allah (during Tahajjud) for having private conversations with Him, reciting His Words, investigating the heart, displaying the manners of servitude whilst in front of Him and then to seal all of that with seeking forgiveness and repentance.


  • Sitting with the truthful lovers (of Allah) and gathering the good fruits (arising) from their speech, just as one picks out the best of fruits; however, you do not speak except when the benefit of the speech prevails and when you know that there is a betterment for you and benefit for others in it.


  • Keeping distant from everything that comes between the heart and between Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic.

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