Ramadan days are passing quickly, and we are about to start the last ten days. It is agreed that the month of Ramadan is the best of months, also the scholars agreed that the last ten days are the best days of Ramadan and it’s best night, Laylat Al-Qadr. The succeeded person is the one who will seize Ramadan’s last opportunity for forgiveness and compensate what was lost for 20 days. The Prophet Muhammed said, reported by the Lady Aishah (May Allah be pleased with her): ”When the last ten nights (of Ramadan) would begin, the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) would keep awake at night (for prayer and devotion), awaken his family and prepare himself to be more diligent in worship.” It is time to get rid of laziness and comfort to accept what Allah is giving you in these days, such as mercy, forgiveness, and responded duas.

What to do in the last ten days?

                   Do Itikaf. The prophet Muhammed spent the last ten nights making Qiyamm Al-Lial (night prayer), and he used to wake up his family. The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) used to strive more in worship during Ramadan than he strove in any other time of the year, and he would devote himself more (in the worship of Allah) in the last ten nights of Ramadan than he strove in the earlier part of the month. Itikaf for men is to stay at the Masjid and not go out unless it is necessary for example going to work. For women, they can do it at Masjid if they have enough privacy, or at home in a room that is provided with enough privacy.

                      Seize all Times. At nights of Ramadan we can pray but what about the times? Muslim should strive to make use of every moment in these blessed days. We abstain from food and drink during the day but also we should abstain from sins and all Haram deeds such as watching petty programs. Days and nights are evenly blessed by Allah.

                     Read Quran. Ramadan is the month of Quran, and nothing is better than trying to get close to Allah than His words. You can make a special Khatmah. And, here’s a little motivation for you, some may make Khatmah every 3 days, if they can do it, then you can too. In your night prayers, whether you will do 11 Rakass, 20 Rakaas, or whatever doors of worship that Allah will open to you, you can read from Quran if you are not Hafiz of Quran or you afraid to do mistakes while reading. In this way, you can read as much as of Quran.

                  Make Dua and Lots of Zikr. ‘Aishah (May Allah be pleased with her) reported: I asked: “O Messenger of Allah! If I realize Lailat-ul-Qadr (Night of Decree), what should I supplicate in it?” He (ﷺ) replied, “You should supplicate: (O Allah, You are Most Forgiving, and You love forgiveness; so forgive me). Ask Allah to forgive you, to erase your sins, ask Allah for Jannah, and ask Him to keep you away from Hellfire. Ask Allah to guide you to the straight path, ask Him to strengthen your heart. Many Duas can repeated in these blessed days, also ask Allah to give you what you need in this life, and be confident that your duas will be responded to.


                   It is a night of great blessing in which Allah(swt) showers His Mercy upon those of His believers who sincerely and faithfully love and obey His Will. It is a night which is commonly associated with the revelation of the Holy Qur’an. The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) used to observe I’tikaf in the last ten days of Ramadan and say, “Seek Lailat-ul-Qadr (Night of Decree) in the odd nights out of the last ten nights of Ramadan.”. Allah said that this night ) is better than a thousand months (i.e. worshipping Allah on that night is better than worshiping Him a thousand months. Many forms of worshiping Allah in this night, such as making duas, praying Qiaum Al-lial, doing charity, and repeating zikru Allah.

                  Finally, may O Allah, aid us in remembering You, thanking You, and worshipping You properly. May Allah  give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter, and protect us from the torment of the Fire. May Allah accept our fasting, Qiyami Alili, our charity, and our Zikr.



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