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Advice and Wisdom

*1* Do you sometimes feel like everyone is letting you down? The Almighty puts such people in your life to teach you to depend only on Him.

*2* Don’t react to others when you’re emotional as you’re more likely to misinterpret what they say. It takes a calm, sensible mind to do this.

*3* If you want something done well, do it yourself. Don’t expect others to feel the same way about it. In most cases, you can’t rely on people.

*4* Whether things work out or not, it’s the Almighty’s will. Keep going. Whatever the outcome, there’s a blessing in it. Keep smiling.

*5* Be wary of those who have a whole set of rules for others but follow none of their own rules. They pretend to be what they’re not.

*6* People will say & do things to upset you. That’s just the way it is. As long as you behave with integrity, you’ll be at peace.

*7* Being respectful, kind & polite are often mistaken for flirting. It’s sad because such qualities are becoming uncommon in a stressed world.

*8* Always remember we’re better off than many in this world. Our struggles are small, yet we always complain. Thank the Almighty upon all conditions!

*9* Society will judge you by its own standard. Don’t bother with it. The care you’ve shown, the love you’ve shared; they matter so much more.

*10* You may think it’s impossible to get out of your situation. You’re wrong. The Almighty can make things happen that we couldn’t make happen.

*11* We all have ups and downs; days where we struggle more than others. Know that the Almighty is aware & will never let our efforts be wasted.

*12* If you’ve been blessed with wealth, thank the Almighty. But be sure to keep the wealth in your hand & not in your heart. Give to please Him.

*13* Don’t look back with regret on missed opportunities. Allah closed those doors for a reason. May He open doors that always lead us back to Him.

*14* Don’t bring yesterday’s failures into today. Learn from them. Move on. The Almighty has better things in store. Put your full trust in HIM.

*15* Don’t look at material possessions & form your opinion of others. That’s shallow. If you’re worried about it, the problem lies with YOU!

*16* Don’t stress too much over worldly matters. Worrying about the future or regretting the past is a waste of time. Leave it to the Almighty.

*17* The more you give, the more you’ll get back. Even if it’s not money, give your time, words & advice. The Almighty will reward you in greater ways!

*18* Some people just love pushing others down. Don’t worry about them. They are powerless to stop what the Almighty has planned for you.

*19* Be content with what the Almighty has given you. Be grateful for the big, be patient with the little. Ask Him for blessings at all times.

*20* Calamity has its blessings. Embrace it. The Almighty knows. He has seen how it can transform a harsh person into one with the kindest heart.

*21* Don’t look at your neighbour & lose hope in your situation. Whatever you want will come to you. Be patient. What’s meant to be will be!

*22* Be in the company of those who build you up & have good intent for you; not the ones who pretend they care but will gossip & backstab you.

*23* Work hard for your Hereafter. Keep a balance with worldly life. You don’t need to shout about it. Let the lives you touched make the noise.

*24* The Almighty does not consider you superior because of your rank or riches. He looks at your heart, level of piety & your closeness to Him.

*25* Are you often suspicious & think ill of others even before verifying? It’s a bad habit disliked by the Almighty. Stay away from negativity!

*26* Don’t underestimate the evil-eye. It’s real. As far as possible, keep your blessings hidden. Be humble. Make the Almighty your focus.


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