Our hearts should be attached to Allah | Jannat Al Quran

Be Attached to Allah

There’s no value to the duniya without a heart attached to Allah. A person turns to Allah when sad, praises him when happy, returns to him when he sins, and is grateful to Him in all cases.


As for the heart that’s distant from Allah, it’s not happy with a vacation, nor is it excited for travel. He doesn’t enjoy his wealth, he’s not satisfied with his job, nor does he appreciate his life.


Life is truly for the one who loves Allah.


It might be the age of technology, advancement and speed, but happiness is not measured with delights of the body, but with delights of the soul and its purity.


A person cannot be saved unless he holds on to the Rope of Allah, is mindful of Him, and attaches his heart to Him. So attach your heart to Him and you will be at ease in your life and hereafter.


Notice how Allah moves things for your sake, how Allah subjects and moves a person in order he fulfills a need of yours.


You might have forgotten something you needed and someone comes and gives it to you. Allah moved a person in order to fulfill your need because Allah doesn’t forget, but we forget, subhan Allah.


You give something to someone and they’re so grateful and amazed how you knew what they wanted.. they don’t know it’s Allah Who moved you to get it for them.


Allah moves us for the sake of others and He moves others for our sake. How many times have we seen how Allah has protected us and took care of us?


Remember all that He’s given you and all the times He responded to you. Have full trust in Allah. Don’t give in to illusions and fears but turn to Your Mawla, Your Guardian and Protector, Dhul Jalali wa Al Ikram, the Owner of Majesty and Honor.


May Allah keep our hearts attached only to Him. Ameen.

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