Online Quran Course for Busy Schedules |Jannat Al Quran

Taste the beauty of Quran in your busy life. Jannat Al Quran understands your commitments and that is why we have the ideal offer for you. 


  • Choose two days in the week 
  • Pick your most convenient time in your day
  • You will get 45 mins lesson twice a week, and pay only £5.5 per lesson.
  • 8 classes per month for £44 monthly


Customise your Quran lessons and Arabic course according to your busy schedule.


– Beginners will learn the Arabic letters, Quranic words, and have a fluent Arabic pronunciation to start reading Qur’an as soon as possible.


–  Students with the ability to read the Qur’an will have an amazing opportunity to enhance their tajweed with fluent Azhary Egyptian teachers.


– Students who memorise or intend to memorise the Quran will get the chance to have a special programme designed according to their level.


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