envey and magic

al-hasad and al-sihr

            Islam aims to honor and protect mankind under definite and specific rules and regulations through different stages of life. It explains the self and its ways of goodness and evil with the purpose of reaching the highest level of security and tranquility. It also showed to people the evil diseases of the self, and its ways of protection, for example envy and magic. Islam took a firm stand against envy and magic, and it blocked all the way leading to it. Firstly, it prohibited both envy and magic. They do not only harm others, but also the person who commits it. So, what are envy and magic and how can we be protected against them?

what is envy (Hasad)?

                 Envy is resenting a blessing that Allah gave to someone else, and wishing that it would be taken away from the person who is the target of envy. The envier hates to see people leading a happy life or enjoying a specific blessing from Allah, even if this blessing won’t come to him or her. Allah taught the prophet Mohammed for ask protection from Allah against envy and He explained this as an evil, in the Holy Quran, surah Al-Falaq, ”And from the evil of the envier when he envies.” The envier’s soul is poisonous to anyone around, sometimes it may be directed to a specific person or to anyone in general. The envier’s heart is full of anger and hatred, he/she is never content with Allah’s Decree to people and His Acts. Allah judges who is blessed and who will be deprived of His gift. No one is allowed to hate what Allah decreed and commanded. Not to mention that no matter how this envy is strong, it won’t change any of Allah’s Decrees and Judgments. Remember that if you accept gladly what Allah has decreed, then you will receive Allah’s Pleasure, and if you are displeased you will receive Allah’s Displeasure. Envy is a sin, it is an action that must be stopped and abstained from, and it shall not be left without treatment. Everything is a learning process, so the believer must practice content about everything in life. It will harm your heart if you envy people for Allah’s Blessings, Allah has given you the best of choices and always decrees the goodness. When you see someone’s blessings, wish them good and pray to Allah that you will be given the best too. Remember, Allah is the Most Generous.

what is Magic (Sihr)?

             Magic is ties or spells that the magician is uttering when he commits the act of Sihr. It is done with the help of devils to change something in the targeted person without a direct assault. Magic is real and was mentioned in the Holy Quran, but nothing is happening without the permission of Allah as Allah said in Surah Al-Baqarah, Aya 102, ”But they do not harm anyone through it except by permission of Allah.”

the protection and the cure 

                  Before any steps you may take, you must believe that anything done in this world is made by Allah’s Order and that no creature can challenge Allah and go against His Will. Also, remember that any trials you go through is a test from Allah, so be patient with Allah’s Decrees for you. Ask Allah’s Forgiveness and Mercy, whoever is with Allah, Allah will take care of him. The prophet Muhammed gave us a great treasure of Zikr (remembrance of Allah) that later scholars collected all in a book called ”Hisn al-Muslim” (Fortification of the Muslim Through Rememberance and Supplication). This book contains what every Muslim should learn and repeat every day. Also, it contains the remembrance of morning and evening, the real fortress of Muslims. In addition, the scholars gathered from Sunnah of the prophet Muhammed the ayas and zikr that we can say to cure ourselves, it is called the Ruqiah. On the other hand,  your sins may block your paths to Allah, that is why it is important to repent and change your way of living.  Finally, there is still a weapon that Allah gives us which is Dua. Dua is your greatest protection against all types of evil. May Allah protect us and keep us safe and healthy.

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