Writing emails is an essential point in our work. Teachers should put into consideration their emails to be professional. The following are some easy steps to follow in writing a professional email:


1. Start with a meaningful subject line
The subject should be short and expressive. It should not exceed 5 words as:

Kind Request

Our Class Now

Change of Class Time

Rescheduling Our Class

Quarterly Report for (Hana)


Homework for (Saturday 24th March)


2. Greeting the recipient
It is important to greet the recipient and join greeting with his/her name.

Assalmualikum sister Iqbal,
Assalmualikum brother Yakub,


3. Using opening lines
I hope you had a good weekend.
I hope you are having a great day.
I hope you are well.
I hope all is well.
I hope this email finds you well.


4- Body lines

Then, write why you are writing this email.

I am writing to ask/enquire/let you know/confirm/check/invite you to/to update you on…
This email is just to let you know that..
Could you please…?
Could you possibly tell me…?
I did not/do not fully understand [something]. Could you please explain that again?
I would like to inform you that…
Would you be available on [day]? If so we could arrange for a makeup class.


• Replying to an email
When you reply to an email, you can start with the following:
I just got your request for…
I just read your email about…
Thank you for your email about…

Do not forget to greet the parent/student at the beginning.


If the student is sick, you can say :
May Allah grant you shefaa.

If he has an exam, you can say:
May Allah grant you success.


• Apology
If you wish to apologise to the recipient, you can say:
Sorry for my late reply.
Sorry that it took me so long to get back to you.
I was sorry to hear about…

Please accept my apology.
Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.


5. Closing lines
Now you are at the end of the email, so you write what you expect from your recipient to do.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon in shaa Allah.

Looking forward to your replying.

Jazak Allah Khayran.

Thank you in advance.

Jazak Allah Khayran for your understanding/for your patience.

Best regards,

May Allah bless you.

May Allah grant you success.


Below are common mistakes that some teachers make:

– Leaving space before the comma or full stop: Space should be left only after the comma. No space is left before the full stop.


– Too much use of exclamation marks: This gives a bad impression.


– Too many question marks in one question (???): Use one question mark only.

Avoid writing: Are we going to meet now???

Write: Are we going to meet now?


– Misspelling names of people.


– Using slang language:

Avoid writing: I gonna call you now.

Write: I am going to call you now.


– Using abbreviations:

Avoid writing: tmrw.

Write: tomorrow


Please note that even if the student does not write a professional email, the teacher is supposed to do so. The teacher is a role model for his student, not vice versa.


Templates for Some Emails


Cancellation of Class:


Assalmualikum sister Iqbal,

I hope this email finds you well.

Please accept my apology. I will not be able to do the class (this Wednesday). Can we please make up this class either on (Thursday 25th July) any time between (6pm to 8pm) or on (Saturday 27th July) any time between (12pm to 2pm)?


I am writing to let you know that I have an emergency so I can’t do the class (tomorrow). Insha’Allah I will email you a few days later to arrange for a make up. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Jazak Allah Khayran for your understanding.

May Allah bless you.


Students who are late for the class:

Assalmualikum brother Khan,

I hope everything is fine. I am on Zoom waiting for our class.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon in shaa Allah.


Students who miss the class without notice:

Assalmualikum brother Aly,

I pray everything is okay with you as you have missed the class today without a notice.

Please kindly email me whenever you read my message.

Thank you



Assalmualikum sister Ayesha,

I hope this email finds you well.

Kindly be reminded to download the (Tajweed Book) so we can use next class insha’Allah.

May Allah grant you success.


Please use the word “please” whenever you ask for anything during the class like:

Please open your Quran.

Please call your mum/brother.

Can you please switch on the light, it is a bit dark.

Sorry, I can’t hear you properly. Can you please raise your voice a bit.