How to Implement the Holy Quran in Our Life?

How to Implement the Holy Quran in Our Life?


Whilst the Qur’an outlines the basic tenets of the religion and the principles of ethical behavior, it is not merely a collection of rulings or facts. The Qur’an focuses on building a firm foundation in one’s heart, and strengthening and nourishing the faith and spirituality of the reader. Whatever challenge one is facing in life, there is certainty that the Qur’an will provide immense comfort and encouragement, just as it consoled the Prophet (pbuh) in his greatest struggles to convey the religion to his people. We are also connected to the struggles of many of the earlier Prophets, many of which are found in the Bible. So many lessons and morals are derived from their lives that we find their stories woven and repeated uniquely throughout the Qur’an. Thus, is ingrained very effectively that the core message to humanity has remained the same since the first man and Prophet on earth until the last.


1- Among our duties towards the Qur’an is reciting and memorizing it, both of which are highly virtuous and rewarding actions. The Qur’an is unique in demanding to be preserved in memory. This is not a mechanical, ritual act; it is an act of high spiritual and devotional importance. It aids a person in pondering over its meaning, it makes the Qur’an flow on one’s tongue, reside in one’s mind, dwell in one’s heart, such that it becomes a constant companion. Muslims everywhere memorize the Qur’an, many millions memorizing the entire Qur’an from cover to cover, to the extent that such people have become ubiquitous within the Muslim community. The Qur’an can be recited in almost any place and situation, whether sitting, walking or riding.


2- Studying and reflecting upon the meanings of the Qur’an is also a highly important matter. Its knowledge is like a sea: the deeper one dives into it, the more pearls he will find. Hence it is no surprise that voluminous exegetical works exist expounding its meaning. With the same diligence and scrupulousness that the Words of the Qur’an were preserved and transmitted from generation to generation, so too were its meanings and explanations. This science of Qur’anic exegesis is considered the most honorable of all sciences, and is like a key unlocking the treasure that is the Qur’an. Words pour out incessantly to explain its teachings and to exhort us to live by it. Our predecessors have set a great precedence in their attachment and reflection upon the Qur’an. Some of them would spend entire nights or mornings reflecting and weeping upon a single verse. 

3- Another unique aspect of the Qur’an is that it is a healing and protection, and part of our duty towards it is seeking cure from it. It is used to treat any form of illness, whether physical, psychological or spiritual. It is also recited to ward off evil and remove its effects. Among the names given to the very first chapter of the Qur’an are Ash-Shifa’ (the Cure) and Ar-Ruqyah (remedy), due to its being used for these purposes – there is the narration of a Companion of the Prophet (pbuh)who used it as a remedy for a tribal chief who was poisoned. Also, when the Prophet (pbuh) was in his final illness, he would recite the last two chapters over himself. Muslims are likewise instructed to do the same. In addition, we are taught to recite specific portions of the Qur’an before sleeping, in the morning and the evening, and one can recite it over another who is ill. Similarly, the Qur’an dispels sadness, worry and regret. God tells us in the Qur’an: ‘…Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.’ [13:28].


4- Implementation of the teachings of Holy Quran in our daily life is the most important thing to do. Quran contains the real-life stories of the old societies and traditions. These stories are put in front of us to understand the truth. For example, if we take the story of Hazrat Yousaf (Alaih Salam), this story tells us how to control our wishes and how to remain contented in our life. Belief on Allah Almighty and His Mighty Power is the fundamental aspect which makes people strong and fearless.


“Do they not then earnestly seek to understand the Qur’an, or are their hearts locked up by them?” (Surah Muhammad, 47:24). The Impact of Quran In Different Fields of Life: Quran has a deep impact on our everyday life and in order to become the people of productivity, people of knowledge and people of integrity, we should live on the principles of Islam laid down to us 1400 years ago through our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Let’s not investigate some of the impacts Quran has on our daily life activities.


Reciting the Holy Quran is one thing and implanting the teachings of the Holy Quran in our daily life is another thing which is important as well. Quran is the complete doctrine to live a pious life and Muslims are lucky that they have this Holy gift from Allah Almighty; a complete code of life indeed. Holy Quran not only guides the Muslims but it also guides and helps each and every person who refers to it regardless of the religion. Indeed, this Last Divine Book is for the whole humanity.


We see from the above glimpse that the Qur’an is an extraordinary Book that penetrates every aspect of one’s life. Its message is for everyone. Its benefits are endless. It just needs an open, sincere heart that is looking for truth. 

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