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Prophetic Medicine – Black Musk

Black musk is well known for its strong and high-quality fragrance, it is a concentrated oil, thick and smooth in appearance, dark in colour with a very rich smell and with a musky note. The musk is a highly sweet aromatic part obtained from a bag like gland male musk young deer.


Deer musk has been extensively used as a fragrance fixative, incense material, and medication, since long time. it absolutely was and still is one amongst the foremost costly animal merchandise within the world. The name originates from the Persian word moshk which means “deer’s navel”.


Although  stated as “musk”, the term itself is commonly accustomed describe a large form of”musky” substances from alternative animals like the African viverrine mammal (“civet musk”) or varied artificial musks whose compound exhibits some character of cervid musk.


It was narrated that Abu Sa’eed said: “The Messenger of Allah peace and blessings be upon him said: “The best of perfume is musk.” An-Nawawi said explaining this hadith that “It is the best of scents and the most preferred! It is pure and permissible to use on the body and clothing”


Ibn Qayyim said that “Musk is the king of perfumes. It has the best aroma… Also the hills and sands of Paradise are made of Musk”.


Musk is a hot dry substance that brings comfort and joy to the heart, while strengthening the inner organs when it is smelt.


Musk is profitable for old people and those who have excessive skin moisture, especially during winter. Musk also works as antidote for some poison and against snake bites.

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