learn quranic arabic online

Learning Quranic Arabic is the key to read and understand the Quran so students can ponder in its depths and attain humbleness (Khushu). 


Our starting point is exploring basic grammar rules and learning some frequently occurring Quranic words to make the journey easy and enjoyable till proficiency. 


Our Teachers:
Jannat Al Quran has both male and female teachers who are graduates from prestigious institutions such as the world’s famous Al-Azhar University and have Ijazahs to teach the Quran as well.

Start building a strong connection with Allah and understand what you’re saying in your Salah and Duas with our experienced Egyptian Quran and Arabic teachers. Our teachers will take you step by step through your journey of learning Quranic Arabic.


Learn Quranic Arabic Online in your own home at any time you choose! 


If you wish to learn how to recite the Quran beautifully with Tajweed, please read about our Quran Programme.


Please kindly fill in the contact form or email us on info@jannatalquran.com