Please read our terms and conditions carefully. This is essential for your learning journey with us. At Jannat Al Quran, we aim to deliver the best online learning experience. 



Students and teachers must ensure to be online on time. No delays are accepted from either the student or the teacher.



Students should ensure that their outfit is modest and suitable for the Holy Quran class.



If a student wishes to cancel a class and make up for it on another day or time, they can use the “Reschedule” button on the system. This will allow them to choose 3 different alternative dates and times that the teacher can choose from.


A student can only make up the class if they reschedule a class at least 3 hours prior to the class time. Otherwise, the class will be considered completed due to insufficient cancellation notice for the teacher.


If a student wishes to cancel a class but they are unsure when they would like to reschedule it, they can use the “Apologise” button on the system.


A student can only make up the class if they apologise for a class at least 3 hours prior to the class time. Otherwise, the class will be considered completed due to insufficient cancellation notice for the teacher.


If a student plans to take a holiday for a period of up to one month, they are eligible to reschedule their classes. Rescheduling the classes can be before or after the holiday. 



The number of classes/hours is agreed upon when the student joins the institute. If you wish to increase or decrease the number of classes, please email


Example: If it has been agreed that you will do 4 classes per month on Saturdays, sometimes it happens that there are 5 Saturdays in one month. In that case, the 5th class will be cancelled. Your payment is done according to an hourly rate, therefore the extra classes have not been paid for.


– Change the class day or time permanently 

If the student/parent wishes to change the class timing permanently because of a long holiday or a change in the student’s schedule, please kindly email before the beginning of the month.



If the student/parent has any enquiries about the fees, please kindly email



New monthly payments are made between 21th and the last day of the current month. If a student/parent wishes to set a standing order, please make it between 21st to 28th of every month.



If the student/parent wishes to stop the classes at any time during the month, we will refund them the classes that have not been delivered.

If the number of hours has not been completed in a certain month and the student/parent doesn’t want to make them up the following month, we will deduct these hours from the next month’s payment and email the student/parent the new amount that needs to be paid.



Male students under 12 may have a male or a female teacher according to the parent’s request. Once the boy turns 12, we will kindly ask the parent to move his class to a male teacher if he has been learning with a female teacher. Please note that his payment plan may change if he has been sharing his class with his siblings or mother. 



The quality of learning is monitored closely through various procedures such as measuring attendance discipline, regular teacher training, student feedback and regular examinations. 



A quarterly report will be submitted to the parents at the end of each 3 month period. This will provide the opportunity for parents to review the progress of their children. Parents can check the quarterly report that will be written for their children who are under 16 on the system.



Jannat Al Quran institute maintains the privacy of both the students and teachers. All personal information is confidential and no third party has the right to know, copy or use in any way.



Our Support department will email you after a few lessons to ask for your feedback. Please let them know if you have any concerns, enquiries or complaints. Your feedback always helps us to improve our service. We highly appreciate your cooperation.



The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, ‘Allah has given you something better than them, the day of (Eid) Adhaa and the day of (Eid) Fitr’.  Accordingly, we have two main public holidays which are Eid Adha holiday that lasts for 3 days and Eid Fitr holiday that lasts for 2 days. Teachers will reschedule those missed classes. 



If the student decides to leave the institute for any reason, we kindly request that they email two weeks prior to the date of leaving, and please mention the reason behind it. We will try our best to resolve any issues if they happen to arise.