Students and teachers must be online on time. No delays are accepted from both student and teacher sides. 



Students should ensure that their outfit is modest and suitable for the Holy Quran class.



If a student finds they can’t attend a class for any reason, they should email the teacher at least 6 hours before the class starts and ensure that the class is rearranged to another suitable day.

If a student misses a class without emailing the teacher at least 6 hours before the class starts, no makeup will be arranged except if there is a sudden illness or death in the family. 

If a student plans to take a holiday for a period up to one month, they are eligible to make up their classes. Making up the classes can be before or after the holiday. 



If a teacher is late for the class, the student should email the teacher and inform her/him that they are online. If the student/parent doesn’t get a response, the student/parent should email: support@jannatalquran.com. The teacher will make up for any missed time or class.

If the teacher is often late or misses classes, kindly email support@jannatalquran.com as soon as possible.



The quality of learning is monitored closely through various procedures such as measuring attendance discipline, regular teacher training, student feedback and regular examinations. 



Parents will receive a quarterly report at the end of each 3 month period. This will provide the opportunity for parents to review the progress of their children.



Jannat Al Quran institute keeps the privacy of both student and teacher. All personal information are considered as secret information that no one has the right to know, copy nor use it in any way. Emails offered by the institute to teachers and students are the formal and only correspondences channel.



Students are requested to send feedback on the teacher and class in this feedback form. Feedback is essential to enhance the overall quality of learning. 



If the student has any enquiries about the fees, please kindly email accounts@jannatalquran.com.



The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, ‘Allah has given you something better than them, the day of (Eid) Adhaa and the day of (Eid) Fitr.  Accordingly, we have two main public holidays which are Eid Adha holiday that lasts for 5 days and Eid Fitr holiday that lasts for 3 days. Teachers will reschedule those missed classes. 



If the student decides to leave the institute for any reason, we kindly request that they email support@jannatalquran.com two weeks earlier than the date of leaving and mention the reason behind that.