Teacher of the Month


Shaykh Tarek has been chosen to be the teacher of the month for being a role model for his commitment, good communication with students, punctuality and best practice of the methodology of teaching of Jannat Al Quran. 


Shaykh Tarek is Hafiz of the Holy Quran and holds two Ijazas in the narration of Hafs and one in Shuba. He graduated from Faculty of law, Cairo University. He is currently finishing his course in the Arabic language and Islamic Studies in Dar Al Ulum in Cairo. Shaykh Tarek has studied Tajweed, Quran and its sciences at Dar Al Arkam and has got an Ijazah of Tajweed from Al-Azhar Institute of Tajweed and Qiraat.


Jannat Al Quran team wishes him more progress and success in the future.


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