First places in Quran Competition for Children in July 2020

This year’s Quran Hifz competition that took place in July 2020 has again astonished us with the students’ impressive progress year after year. These achievements were particularly evident due to the hard work and dedication that our students put with the Quran. We are extremely happy with the progress that all our students have made in this competition. However, a few students have wholeheartedly amazed us with their outstanding performance in Quranic Hifz recitation with Tajweed as follows:


Short Surahs

Great thanks to Shaykha Shadia Osman, Shaykh Nady Shabaan, Shaykha Fatma Mohamed, Ustatha Manar, Shaykha Asmaa Wahid, Shaykha Salsabeel, Ustatha Radwa Zakaria and Shaykha Aya Hamdy.


Surah Al-Inshiqaq

Great thanks to Shaykha Fatma Ismail, Ustatha Zainab Mahmoud, Ustatha Wafaa Mahmoud, Shaykha Salsabeel Mekawy, Ustath Ali Helal and Shaykh Nady Shabaan.


Surah Al-Mulk

Great thanks to Shaykh Nady Shabaan, Ustath Mohamed Khaled, Shaykha Fatma Ismail and Ustatha Wafaa Mahmoud.


Surah An-Naba

Great thanks to Shaykha Aya Hamdy, Ustath Zainab Mahmoud, Shaykh Nady Shabaan, Shaykha Fatma Ismail, Shaykha Fatima Abdel Moneim, Ustatha Eman Mahmoud, Shaykh Mahmoud Samir and Shaykh Abdallah Soliman.


Surah Al-Juma’h

Great thanks to Shaykha Fatima Ismail, Shaykha Fatma Mohamed and Ustatha Manar.


We are always extremely proud of the progress our students make every month, and we wish them greater success in their incoming endeavours to perfect their Quranic recitation. Finally, ultimately we have to remember that our students’ flourishment could have only been achieved with the great efforts that the teachers put in.