First places in Quran Competition for adults in July 2019

Our annual Quran competition that took place last July have unveiled the students’ astonishing progress year after year. This time many students took part in this competition to demonstrate their hard work and dedication with the Quran. We are extremely happy with the progress that all our students have made in this competition. However, a few students have truly amazed us with their outstanding performance in Quran recitation with tajweed as follows:


Hifz of Juz 1


Hifz of Juz 2


Reading of Juz 2


Hifz of Juz 27


Reading of Juz 28


Reading of Juz 29


Hifz of Juz 29


Reading of Juz 30 


Hifz of Juz 30


We are always extremely happy with the progress our students make every month, and we wish them more success in the incoming months. However, we always have to remember that our students’ flourishment could have not been achieved without the great efforts that the teachers have put in.