Please read below answers to frequently asked questions:


What will happen if I can’t attend at the agreed day and time?

It is expected that the student will be able to do the test at the agreed time. In rare cases, if this may not be possible, please use the “Apologise” or “Reschedule” buttons on the dashboard for cancellation, otherwise, you can use the chat button on the dashboard to chat with Quality Control to organise another day and time. You can find the chat button on the top right of the system. Please kindly do that at least 48 hours in advance so that alternative arrangements can be made. 


How will the test take place?

Students are kindly requested to log onto the dashboard a few minutes before the agreed time, then click on “Join meeting”.


Would we do video call or voice only call during the competition?

This is a competition for memorisation. Please ensure that both the video and audio are switched on. The Quality Control member would have to see and hear the student properly. 


What will happen if there is a bad connection?

If for any reason the test cannot take place due to sound, video or other complications, the Quality Control member will end the call and attempt another call. If that does not work either, the quality control member will arrange another time with you.


Who will test the students?
All students will be tested by Quality Control members.


Does someone else other than the student need to be present during the test?
If the student is a child, a parent has to be present next to them. However, the parent should not assist the student in any manner.


Can the student / parent engage in general conversation with the Quality Control member?

The time slot for each student is short and limited. Parents/students are kindly requested not to use the time in general conversations. Any clarifications regarding the test should be done with Quality Control team before the test via chat on the system’s dashboard.


What is the method of the test?
The examiner will ask the student random questions on the assigned Surahs. The student should recite off by heart.

How will the student be assessed?
The examiner will make an audio recording of the call, then our Quality Control team will evaluate the recording which will be deleted after the evaluation. Please kindly note that only the Quality Control members will listen to the recording.


How many days does the competition take?

Insha’Allah we’ll start on 15th of May and finish on 31st of May.


When will the results be announced?

The results will be announced in the beginning of July insha’Allah.


How would I know of the results?

The results of the competition will be delivered through email.


What are the competition prizes?
Certificates of recognition will be given to the students. The first winners’ names will be written on Jannat Al Quran website after having the parents’ approval.  


Can the student memorise one Surah instead of three in level 1 for children?

The student should memorise all Surahs of the level.


Is it allowed to join more than one group?

No, it is allowed to join only one group.


Can the student change the level he/she has joined?

Yes, the student can change the level before the start of the competition.


May Allah SWT grant all our students success.