Methodology of Teaching the Arabic Language

Level Book Methodology of Teaching Examinations
Beginners Beginners The main aim of this level is to teach the student how to write the Arabic Alphabet and the words.

The student should also know the meaning of each word.

At the end of the level, dictate the student some words similar to what they have learned.
 Kunooz 1 – Read the introduction of each book but don’t follow the time frame specified in the books.


– Read the new words and the sentences to the student, and translate them to the student especially in the first 2 levels.


– Ask the student to write the words and regularly check their writing.


– Give the student a homework each class.


– Revise the previous lesson every class. 

– There are three chapters in each level. Test the student after each chapter and at the end of the level.


– The student is tested three times in each level. Prepare a written test and email it to Quality Control. Once they approve it, you can email it to the student.

  1. The first test is after the first chapter.
  2. The second test is after the second chapter.
  3. The third test is at the end of the level.
2 Kunooz 2
3 Kunooz 3
4 Kunooz 4
5 Kunooz 5
6 Kunooz 6


Examinations for level 1 to 6:

  • The exam should not exceed 90 mins.
  • Ask the student to print the exam, answer the questions, take a photo of the answers or scan it, then email it to you. Answers should be written in handwriting, not computer.
  • Always include questions from the previous chapters in each exam.
  • All examinations should be emailed to Quality Control after you mark them.


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