If you struggle to enjoy the online learning environment as an instructor, it’s not hard to imagine that this struggle is even harder for students.


The following are some tips that will help you make your class interesting and enjoyable:


  • Always give your student the sense that he is responsible, ask him about the homework, set with him a plan to practice, and share with him how he progresses…etc.


  • Always try to make the class interesting by varying your class structure. For example: you can start with Islamic Studies, or do it in the middle of the class once you feel the student started to get tired of reading or feel bored. You can also start with revision and another time you start with new lesson/Surah…etc. It is also possible that you write down number of activities and let him choose one.


  • Flexibility is very important especially with children. You can always give many choices. For example: “Shall we start with revision or new lesson/Surah?” “What do you prefer to read today Surat Al-Bayyinah or Al-Bald?” (both of them you are going to do as a revision by the way. However you give him a chance to feel he is responsible, and it will encourage him.


  • Always encourage your students, and don’t exaggerate. Whenever there is a progress mention it and praise your student.


  • Always keep in consideration that not all students are alike. So for example, not all children like challenges, or like doing activities. Be enthusiastic about each student. It is important for you to find out what motivates each student.


  • Always remember the importance of your body language. Be pleasant and smile throughout the class. Be mindful of the tone of your voice. Keep a soft but audible tone.


  • Always interact with the student. Don’t speak during the whole class, blow up question to keep him on track and make sure he understands the lesson.


  • Always keep a notebook nearby, write your comments on your student’s progress that will help you in the process of teaching. It will also help you when you write the Quarterly Report.


  • In short, provide as much meaningful support as you can without going overboard.


Always employ activities that will help in teaching and getting closer to your goals. The following are some activities which are helpful:


  • Read a word from a page and ask your student try to find it. You can do that in turns. (you can set one line or two, …or the whole page accordingly)


  • While reading in the first time, color the words with different colors. Then to read the same part again you tell him the color and the first letter of the word. For example: it is in red and the first letter is ج.  He has to pick the word and read it quickly and loudly. Do it in turns.


  • Read the words quickly with your student in turns.


  • In the beginners book, the words are always written in columns so you can play XO or Connect4 in these columns. One has to read the word to mark or color the cell he wants.


  • Set a timer for the student to finish reading a page or a surah that will encourage him/her to finish quickly.


  • Ask your student to color the rule that you are studying (mad, letters of leen, qalqala, Idgham, …)


  • If your student is 4 or 5, you can use cards in different activities to help him in learning the alphabet and how it looks like in the word.


  • You can use the stickers on Zoom or the colors in different activities. You can also count a score for every word or ayah he reads well.


  • Always let your student –if interested- to use the white board and interact with you whenever possible.


  • Bingo


Please watch the following videos:

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